Alvina Abramova is a New York based fashion and jewelry designer.
Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Abramova took to her surroundings to
help guide her along her creative path. Her inspiration came at an
early age resulting in a high school scholarship to attend Fashion
Institute of Technology. In 2007, Abramova graduated FIT cum laude
with a Bachelors degree in fashion design.

After working briefly in the industry, she naturally transitioned into
jewelry. Late nights of creative, self-teaching, Abramova discovered
the true talent and passion she had for designing jewelry. Family and
friends showered Abramova with encouragement to follow her
dreams and with that, the self-taught jewelry designer began
working on her first collection.

Alvina Abramova jewelry is often inspired by the delicate beauties in
nature. Feminine shapes and designs are seen throughout and often
paired perfectly with a stunning crystal or stone to give it a deeper
layer. Personality pieces from Alvina Abramova’s collection such as
the razor blade or skull peice are gaining much attention from
editors and fans alike. These unique, eye-catching pieces come as
an edgy surprise but somehow remain sophisticated and beautiful.
Abramova’s ability to showcase femininity in whatever design she
wishes is her master talent.

Her first collection is here and there is so much more to come!

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